Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Space Traveler's Wish

I want you and me to vanquish time,
Travel in space, to conquer all that ails the universe;
But, I cannot do it all alone.
Come with me for I need you to hold my hands,
And fight by my side to save the world from alien invasions.
When we fight hold the sword aloft and cover my back,
I promise one hug for each time you save my neck;
When an army falls by our timely intervention and a planet is saved;
I promise a kiss in front of that entire world of strange creatures,
When making our acceptance speech for receiving the badge of honor.
And when we can fight no more and return to Earth,
I promise to spend the rest of our lives, gazing at stars,
Through our telescope and reminiscing all our adventures together;
Then, when our time on Earth ends;
We'll walk hand-in-hand to that heavenly world we had saved!

"Khwab mein ghar sachchai hoti toh rooh kissi aarzoo ki mohtaj na hoti;
Ghar kwaishye sab poori hotein, toh khwabon ki koyi zaroorat nah hoti..."
~ Shoma
My second foray into Hindi couplet writing.

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