Thursday, 7 November 2013

You, I, We and Love

Thoughts that lead to goosebumps have to be thoughts of you, me, us;
On that days followed by one night when we, us, together in the velvet softness,
Quietly exchanging smiles that included no one but we;
Pretending that even we did not see.
You and I thinking no one knew,
That we hid it well, even from us;
Did we really think no one would see?
That no one will comment?
And did it really happen or was it just I?
Was it just imagination?
Those few fleeting moments when we were one.
Holding hands, rubbing shoulders, exchanging glances;
The smiles that overflowed,
Do you remember the shiver that ran down your spine?
When someone pushed us together in the crowd;
I remember looking down, pretending not to know.
Relishing the fingers that touched my back, your forehead, my arms...
You and I, stuck in a bit of time in a world that was only ours.
Only us, next to the soft sound of the waves;
In a fast moving train;
In a slow moving car;
Under a rain-drenched awning with no umbrella;
With the Moon softly bathing us in cool light;
In a room full of staring, stern-faced Gods;
It was perhaps all in the mind or maybe it did happen in that one fleeting moment of love.

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