Tuesday, 8 July 2014

An Office RomCom

"Hey! You are wearing a printed panty!"


"Pink or flesh color with bows."

"Yes... Shit!"

How did this happen and how many people may have already seen it? The cool white Summer trousers were a last minute change in the morning. What a horrid moment in time!

"Hey! What happened?" Monika asked with a sly smile. Did you not check in the mirror in the morning?"

"I did," Sohini neighed, trying to check her back by craning her neck at an impossible angle. "I so did! Shit!"

"No wonder the boss was looking so happy today. He even agreed to an off I sought for tomorrow." Monika roared out in laughter.

"Please Monique. This is embarrassing." Sohini wailed.

Monika dissolved into spasms holding her stomach. She was enjoying herself.

"Here, take my blazer." A stunned Sohini turned around to see Vikram standing behind her desk. He was holding out a large charcoal black blazer to her.

Monika, recovered herself and stood up to take in the scene. This was real meat for office gossip.

'The' Vikram Singh was offering his blazer to Sohini. He had seen... Gee!!!

Sohini wanted the Earth to open-up to allow her an easy way out. The office heartthrob knew the color and pattern of her knockers! Shit!

Vikram was still patiently holding out his blazer to Sohini.

"You saw?" Sohini turned her almost-teary eyes at him.

"I did yes. It's cute" Vikram's face was still as emotionless as it was when she had turned around to find him standing there with the blazer hanging on the crook of his finger. If anything, he looked earnest like a boy scout.

"What?" Sohini spluttered. "You check out my panties? I mean checked them out today, everyday? I  mean... Oh my God!"

"It's OK. You hardly ever show a panty line." He added with the same deadpan expression.

"That's because I wear thongs!" Sohini bit out the words in a tight whisper.

Monika put her hands on her mouth to stop herself from saying anything. It was like landing up in the middle of a movie fight. This is what's called, total value for money scene.

Just then Sohini realized what she'd said, "OMG! None of us said any of that."

"Why? I did." Vikram's expression did not waver. "What are you doing tonight? I was wondering, now that I've finally seen your knickers, can we go on a date?" Vikram took a step forward while Sohini, shrank towards the desk.

"You are mad!" She threw at him.

"Maybe. But, tell me, don't you two check out my back everyday at the water cooler?" Vikram's expression was deadpan.

"Is this some version of blackmail?" Monica was aghast.

"No, just asking a girl out and telling her that the feeling is mutual." His smile this time made both the girls laugh out loud with him.

Some love stories are made by people watching each other's backs. No?


  1. Hahahah... This was one love story which has a cute beginning :)

    1. I don't know if it will be a love story or a one date wonder but, everyone checks out each other. At least in Delhi. ;)

    2. Not just Delhi. Trust me ;) some more discreet than the others! I hope it turns out to be a love story though...


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