Monday, 17 September 2012

The Spell

"Look at me. Don't flinch."

"How can I? You scare me."

"Why? Why do I scare you? You are only afraid because of what you know. I promise I don't hurt little girls."

"Yes, and toads can sing."

"Now, that was funny. Never been likened to a toad. You could have said frog then at least I could hope to turn into prince charming."

A smile stole across the sensuous mouth that had already had her scaring with its intent. She was too tempted - to give in. No, she could not surrender. To surrender would be to get lost and never recover. It would be devastating, heartbreaking, life altering.

Try what she may, it was really difficult to tear her gaze from that smile. It shocked her and angered her to think that she was giving in so easily, here in a crowded cafe with so many people looking on - gaping, at awe, in his presence.

She had to tear her eyes off his face, that devastating smile. The cocoon of his expensive all-male scent was holding her in a trance. She had to, run. Away. Fast. She should close her eyes, take a step back and scoot.

She realized that she had neither blinked nor exhaled since the smile. Is this how it felt - Being mesmerized? Was it true what people said of him, of his legendary charm? Was she in trouble for catching his eye, that smile?

"Breathe" it was said more in jest than command and the the smile broadened with the words.

She was a prisoner, she could not move, her feet had already surrendered. Yes, this was it, she was under his spell. He had another victim.

He continued smiling at her innocent face and scared eyes. He took in her messy hair and knew she had just walked in for her first tea of the day. She looked warm, fuzzy and befuddled like she had dreamt of someone like him all night. She looked free and happy. She did not have to care to look her best for the world. She was herself.

Since she was mesmerized by his smile like everyone else, she did not see the hint of moisture in his eyes. He was under her spell.

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