Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Love Lost

Today, love had lost his way.
Since he was in my neighborhood,
I found him at my door.
It was cold outside.
I said, come in and share some tea.
We got along great.
Together we watched a movie, discussed politics, smoked pipe,
Even made plans to go abroad on a backpacking trip soon.
While on the topic of favorite books, Love got a call;
Someone giving him directions to his destination;
The spell broke.
I realized, I was not the destination, just an interlude.
So we parted smiling, wishing each other good luck.


  1. Very nice...meaningful! Important thing is you gave love direction! It won't be long when he comes back knocking at your door for he now knows your address ;)

    1. Thanks Kronos. Let's see if Love wants more tea? ;)


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