Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Note from the Universe and How I Botched it

I know I tested it and botched it up too.

I asked the universe to give me an answer to a personal question this morning and got it!

It took a while but, the sign appeared just as I had asked even as I was on the verge of giving up. I was shocked and stunned. Then, thinking that it must be a coincidence, I challenged the universe once more to prove by making the 'sign' appear again. And there it was - just as I was laughing at my own gullibility in believing that the universe sent out signs!

I froze and squirmed in my seat, clutching the steering wheel tight with both my hands. I was stumped. More than anything, it was the improbability of the incident that got my goat.

Here I was, sitting in my old car, driving to work and randomly throwing a challenge to the universe with a dare in my smile and lo, it accepts it and sends me an answer!

It shook me up. Especially because I was not expecting the universe to comply so calmly and say, "take that bugger!"

But, once I had the answer to my smart ass question, I was cornered. If the answer was 'yes' and I had asked for a definitive and got it not once but twice then, it would have repercussions. I had not asked myself what if the answer was 'yes'? When the answer did turn out to be 'Yes!' I was scared more than triumphant because I had not thought it through before throwing the challenge with an extraordinary mental swagger and a lopsided, 'I know better' grin.

That is when I threw in the next question but, with a whole lot of trepidation. Needless to say, that with so many negatives and 'what ifs' running over my mind, I did not get a positive answer.

It is then I realized that I had botched it up.

When the universe was so close, I sought something I did not probably want. I agree that I was on a testing mode but, even then, I could have sought answer to something if not sensible then at least useful! Something that I really wanted and knew would make me happy when I got it. But, no. I had to ask for something that I was unsure of. So, as soon as I had it, I myself gave it up - even before I tried it out! I call me a coward. You may too.

How pigheaded was that?

However, what I did understand in retrospect was this, "if you are determined and strong-willed then, the universe does answer your queries and perhaps even help you get to your goals." That is what everyone says, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm still too much of a human. I still have to learn to say the right thing at the right place. A lesson learnt. However, confidence and total faith in the unknown universe is a must here. If there are doubts then, it may not work out. The universe does court fools but, it has no time for doubting Thomasinas.

But, the most important achievement, the discovery that the universe does respond to queries. That made my day and buoyed my faith up a notch!


  1. "The universe does court fools but, it has no time for doubting Thomasinas." So very true.

    1. Aunty, I did feel like a foolish doubting Thomsina that morning. Why did I need to quiz the universal truth. :)

    2. Aunty, I did feel like a foolish doubting Thomsina that morning. Why did I need to quiz the universal truth. :)

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