Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Love Note Post-Valentine's Day!

Another year and another Valentine's Day when I enjoyed the fact that I could be happy for no reason at all and for everything that I have. Recently I started meditating on love and each time I close my eyes and think of all the love that I have received in my life tears seep out of my eyes and a smile forms on my lips. I sometimes also meditate anticipating the love that is stored for me in the future and that is such a joyous feeling that it can calm a storm inside and outside. Usually, it makes me sail through the day as light as a feather.

Love, I have realized over the years, is like happiness. You may not be privy to it at all times but, it is there sprinkled all over the place for you to grab and run with. It falls perfectly in line with my mantra of living for the moment. Gather happiness, gather love as you go and you will always be rewarded with more.

I will not be cynical and say that I have not loved nor been loved because that would be as pompous as saying, "I'm self made..." I am because I was brought up with love and nurtured with care.

However, I wonder every time around Valentine's Day, why only one day to celebrate love?

Love is such an instant pick-me-up that it should be celebrated everyday.

I have decided to celebrate love everyday. Love in all its avatars and forms and facets is welcome. It does not matter whether it is requited or not or if it is welcome. It does not matter. The anticipation, the palpitation, the glow in the cheeks, the burning ears, love is the best cosmetic ever created.

So, I wake up each day and pop comes a story into my mind that has nameless, faceless characters in conversation. I write down their conversations and start my day. These are tales of love being played out somewhere in the universe. They are moments of love.

You can read these extremely short tales in the link here:

I'd suggest you keep checking the above page every once in a while because I keep adding more stories in it.

I have also started write poems on love once more - something I used to avoid doing earlier because I find poetry very mundane. I know it is strange but, that is how I look at poetry. Nothing ephemeral about it. It's just words arranged in a string.

Over the years I have realized that love is a renegade. It does not conform. It cannot be disciplined and it is no use trying to stop it. It will go places and pull you through the rocks and rough edges. I have decided to let it do what it has to, what it needs to. You always have the final decision available to let go.

By letting go you make yourself free to experience more - pain, pleasure, love...

Try it for yourself. Have fun. Be in love - always!

Love and light.

... And this here is what I had written last year:

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