Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sweatshirts for Autumn

Finally, Autumn has hit Delhi and made life a little cooler. The heat this year was awful and most of us had forgotten that there's a world outside the air-conditioned rooms and cars.

October has brought relief and happiness all around and joy, since it also ticks off the festival calender. With Durga Puja/Dussehra just a week away, it is the time to let go and have some fun.

The air is crisper and a cool breeze that also brought in a slight drizzle has made life bearable. While tales of how humid Delhi was this year (a rare phenomenon indeed) has become dinner and lunchtime legend. The discussion has also started straying to wardrobe overhauls. Soon, the lightweight and sleeveless tops and dresses will have to be stowed away and packed off and bulky winter-wear will take over.

Though winter clothes are chic but, they are a pain to wear all day because of their weight. However, Autumn allows crossing Summer staples with lightweight winter stuff for a chic mix and match look. My favorite Autumn look is sweatshirts. I dig the grunge look and their understated laid back style. Here are some looks that I downloaded from the Net and want to replicate this Autumn. One word of caution, it is very easy to pair a sweatshirt with Yoga pants but, don't be reckless. Though comfy they are not called Yoga pants for nothing. So, steer clear!

Sweatshirt and shorts!
With the ubiquitous long skirt!

With distressed denim and high heels!

With boyfriend jeans
With tights and a long coat

Layered over a shirt

Rolled-up denims and Roman sandals

With colored denims and layered with sweater 

Layered again over color blocks
With shorts and a huge bag

Some ideas to wear sweatshirts with skirts

With a silk skirt - awesome combo!

With peplum skirt
Mix and match

The camouflage soldier style 
The back to college style!
 Have fun and enjoy the breeze before it starts freezing up!

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