Monday, 23 September 2013

Letting Go

"I know it is wrong but, I cannot help it. I love you."
"I see!"
"Is that all that you have to say?"
"Yes. You said it yourself. It is wrong."
"I know it is wrong. But, I can't help it. You are in my thoughts all day and... night. I can't do much. Everyone knows that I'm in trouble over you but, I can't help it."
"I know."
"You know?"
"Yes. I knew from the first moment. When I walked into the room with so many people in it. All I saw was you staring at me. I had to look away each time I looked at you."
"I was not staring. I could not take my eyes off you. You knew even then? Shit!"
"Yeah. I knew even then."
"So, now will you slap me and send a mail to HR?"
"Slap you? Why? Why would I do that?"
"I mean... We both know it is wrong..."
"Did you do anything more than stare at me and give me sad looks?"
"No. But, I broke the dam today. I told you how I feel."
"So, how does it effect me? If anything, it was flattering. See, the problem is yours not mine."
"I see... Actually, I don't... I really care a lot for you. It's different. I have never felt like this before."
"I'm sure."
"So, where do we go from here."
"Where do you want to go?"
"All over the world with you."
"Awww! That would be slightly expensive."
"I know."
"You are a sweetheart you know. But, I do not think you can afford it."
"Give me a few years and I will..."
"It may be too late by then don't you think?"
"No. Please wait for me to catch up."
"I do not have the time darling!"
"You are just trying to get rid of me."
"Maybe that would be good for you. How much do you know of me? I could be a serial killer on the prowl. Or a man-eater."
"No. You are not."
She turns around to stare at him in the closed confines of the car and smiles. He looks at her and knows that it is a battle already lost. Yet, he smiles back a brave smile and thrusts out his hands for a shake.
"Do call me when you reach home."
She laughs out loud and takes his hand in hers to shake it. He looks at her closely. She smiles, a wan, easy smile.
"I go down this road everyday and much later in the night."
"I know but, today you were with me..."
A sleek and snub-nosed Metro thunders over their head, full of people who are returning home to their loved ones. She lets go of the warmth of his palm from hers and smiles an encouraging smile, ugring him to move on. A train and a life were waiting for him...

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