Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dreaming of an Organized Wardrobe

I have always envied people with organized wardrobes and laughed at those who have a controlled bookshelf proclaiming that they read.

While the later is silly and marks you a wannabe the first is a necessity. It is a struggle every morning to find pieces of clothing, accessories and the unmentionables and let me tell you it is no fun because each needs to be matched to the other so that nothing looks like it has been matched! To top it all sometimes even the clock stops especially if I want to just stand and stare like I do every morning. Truth be told. I'm NO morning person. I waver, I shake, I shift weight from one foot to another and I stare at the Sun rise as if it is the rarest show on Earth starring a string of handsome and well-endowed men at various stages of undress... (Ooops! What did I just say?) No, no, nothing like that. Please. Forget I said that. Now! Where was I? Yes. Wardrobe.

Well! I need a wardrobe that is neat and with lots of space. Like huge amounts of space. Maybe as much space as is there in a 1000 sq feet flat? I think that should do. It should have air and ample light and space defined for each type. For example, 100 sq feet for blouses, 100 sq feet for jeans and pants, 100 for skirts, 100 for dresses, 50 sq feet each for sarees and salwaars and 200 sq feet for the unmentionables and sleepwear and the rest for shoes! There! I've done it! Oh Shit! Wait a minute! I'm still left holding accessories and cosmetics and perfumes... Well! OK another 300 sq feet please!

Since 1300 sq feet of prime space for wardrobe is not so easily available these days I decided to do something with whatever was available. So, scrounged through magazines and looked up the Net on how to arrange your wardrobe and guess what I got? Liers! Cheats! Robbers... The images only had a handful of things neatly arranged in open spaces! Now everyone knows that it is impossible and a lie.

Take a look for yourself. I think I'll stick to the hope that one day I'll have 1300 sq feet for storage and 2600 for my books please... Dear God! Are you listening?


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    1. Thank you! I am assuming that your cousin is Athira Jim. :)

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