Sunday, 28 April 2013

Storm Outside an Icy Tea Cup

Iced tea on a stormy day.

Iced Tea
Delhi needs some cooling rains, not dry dust storms. But, dust's all we mostly get at the end of dry hot days. It was fun today though. How? 
Watching the kids standing in attention in the play areas with one hand covering their mouth and the other, their eyes was too funny. Everyone was laughing at them while they were oblivious.
But, ladies took the cake! The stylish ones - most in Delhi fall in this category, especially on a Saturday evening - lunged for their perfectly done up hair with both hands. The result, devastating for the divas and enjoyable for the onlookers.
Within seconds, most of them were choking on the dust and sand going through their distressed and thus, wide open mouths and eyes, making them sneeze and cry at the same time as their perfectly manicured, pink-topped grips fought a losing battle. 
That they could possibly be crying over the destruction of a perfectly coiffed head made it even more poignant and...well, erm... mirthful. 
Where was I? Well protected you could say, sipping syrupy ice tea and watching the mayhem from behind an air-conditioned McDonald's shop window. Even Ronald McD looked worse from wear, sitting forlornly outside in the swirling dust to welcome the stragglers in. 
Oh Summer! Thou are definitely upon us!
Here's to summer and to iced tea! Cheers!

The best! LIIT

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