Thursday, 21 February 2013

Questions to a Terrorist

So, you killed 50 today.
Does that make you feel brave?
Is your revenge now complete?
The hands that burnt your home and killed your baby,
Do you think they burnt in today's blast?

The family you loved and cared for.
Do you remember their faces or they yours?
Is your mother still the same as in that faded photograph?
Your wife? Do you think she's still smiling at the camera?
Your sister is now a woman, not a child any more.

Do you think you'll know or they you,
If you were to meet at the blast sight?
Do you know that the dead that haunt you,
They also haunt your father?
Your child was denied admission because you are a killer.

The woman who died in the blast today was carrying food.
Her family will now have no meals for several days.
The child whose body was blown to smithereens.
He is not one yet. The old man was just selling fags.
None of them killed anyone you know.

Your friend who died today.
He was not as fast as you.
The bomb meant for the others made mince of his meat.
No one but you will know that he is gone.
It was a great leveler, that bomb.

It blew everyone and everything into a microcosm.
It made all one and one all.
Like you will be when you reach the other side.
And if you think that it was your duty as a man to demolish.
Then, I must perform my woman's role by seeking answers or are you a woman too?

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