Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Love Note (with card-type Images) for my Countless Valentines

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love your eyes...

No other lines in history have been flogged as the ones above with almost everyone trying to fit it to their standards especially on V Day.
Thank God for the roses and violets & all the beautiful things around me.
Is love red and pink with dashes of maroon and off white thrown in for good measure? When juxtapositioned against the story of St Valentine of the Roman empire, one can grudgingly imagine why the color of Valentine's Day is red! Blood, even that of a martyred saint is, after all RED.

Red apart, I can never fathom the others signages and symbols of the day. This is perhaps because when we were growing up, it was never a big deal. Very few people knew about it then and most of our parents were not even aware leave alone celebrate an occasion like this.

I remember clearly the first time a guy had given me a Valentine's Day card - I had laughed at his face. The big pink and red card said, "Will you be my Valentine?" Needless to say, that since it was a more chivalrous time and since none of us understood the nuances of the question too well, he never bothered me ever again and I was never bothered by his not bothering either.

As we grew and went to college, Valentine's Day became a rage. There were serpentine queues outside the card and gift shops. The show of love often melted into a shower of tears by the end of the day making us change seats constantly to give 'lovers' their privacy. No one seemed to be in control of their emotions once the card got to them - it was either instant tears of love or hate (depending on who was giving the card).

Love and thanks to friends and family for being one and the same.
As a firm believer in love these days I see it everyday and everywhere. That reconciles me to the fact that I was not foolish to laugh at the very first V Day card that was presented to me. Because I did not accept it, I floundered on the path to getting here where I appreciate all aspects of love. However, my path to love and its course as promised by the Bard (bless the man), "...never did run smooth..."

I was talking to a dear friend recently and she was moaning the fact that how one cannot count on love any more. I simply told her, 'wouldn't it be boring if she had the same old, same old all the time?' That made her laugh though her tears.

Love is not contained to one day nor to one relationship and certainly does not care about 'a' person or a 'few' people. Love is hiding everywhere. In the mornings it greets us through the curtains with the warmth of a Sunrise and the hugs of our family. It touches our heart through the lovely food someone shares with us and in a smile of satisfaction when you listen patiently to someone's cribs or they yours because your paths have crossed. Love seeps into me through music and cinema, through art and books. It makes me feels humble when someone else roots for me and has more belief in me than I do in myself and I seem to be meeting such people all the time.

Thanks for Music, Beatles, Tea, Love Notes & Messages that read like Books.
Love is lovely, it helps you grow as a human being and makes you bolder, wiser, more of a risk-taker and less of a conventional. You just need to open your heart to receive it or should I say be wise to its ways?

I have lovely people around me. I love the work I do. I love the fact that I am passionate about my hobbies and dream of them and have massive numbers of people who indulge me in my pursuit of my hobbies. I am happy that I have a family that is more friends than a bunch of relations. I thank love for guiding my hands and letting me make friends with my colleagues and neighbors and with strangers in public places and on social networking sites. I thank love for making me enjoy the cities I spent my life in and for all the warm vibes I get from them. The list is endless, like an Oscar thank you speech.

At the end of all the thank yous that could fill pages I come back and ask, "why only one day to love and thank one person for love?"

I very big hug and a sloppy 'mwwwah' to all of you everyday and for all the times - good and bad!
Enjoy life, share it with everyone and endless thanks for sharing it with me. Oh and have plenty of chocolates! It's Valentine's Day after all. :)

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