Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Few Words of Thanks Everyone for Sticking Around!

So, brought in new year with hope, love and peace. 

Came home after visiting sister and parents (respectively) - braving the late evening freeze. Had tons of tea with people who dropped in at my place all day (rarity) and decided to spend some quality time by watching a nice film to bring the new year in. Zeroed in on 'Pride and Prejudice' (continuation of my Jane Austen marathon from last night) and 'Jodha Akbar'.

Reflected that I wanted a secular and strong leader, in the very near future, who cared for his people as much as he cared to turn his arranged marriage into a love story and was glued to the telly for three straight hours as the semi-fictitious account of a royal love story unfolded. In the end, I wished for an Akbar to come to our rescue with his kind heart, secular spirit, just attitude and steer us out of the mess our spineless leaders have helped create. I know I'll be called a heretic at this point but, I'm OK for paying this small price for peace and prosperity that I wish to you all in the new year. It can only come true in a stable political scenario.

Finally, ushered in the new year by praying for peace and happiness for friends, family and those loved ones who are now with God in heaven. Meditated for 15 minutes - bliss!

Ma literally rang in the new year to wish and bless and I decided to finally sign off by thanking everyone of you for being around, supporting and smiling indulgently at all my mad declarations and secular/inspirational rants.

Though I lost two 'freinds' this year who 'un-friend-ed' me after some very public fights on Facebook walls and decided to stop being my 'friends' even in the real world but, that only makes me believe that social networking has finally allowed me to get rid of people from my life who were my 'friends' for some highly misplaced reasons (no idea what they are and don't care!)

The year (2012) itself has been immensely inspiring and cathartic. Have made many friends in both the real and virtual world and each one has brought in fresh perspectives, support and happiness with them. This was also an year of self-analysis and I learnt a lot about myself.

Finally, I wish the national solidarity that we saw in the last fortnight had been for reasons that were not so tragic and I also wish that now that the candles have been lit and parties given a go-by we are able to together make the world a happier, safer place for each other and for our children.

Love and peace everyone. Have a great and happy new 2013!

PS: And finally, on a very Happy note - Mr Honey Singh with his dirty lyrics and shitty music has been cowered into submission by a very irritated and angry mob and was forced to flee. Long live this spirit of righteousness - Power to People!

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