Saturday, 5 November 2016

Creative Writing Hack: The Benjamin Franklin Method

This how Benjamin Franklin taught himself to write (and become rich).

Here’s one of his exercises:

Select a piece of writing that appeals to you. Franklin used his favorite magazine, The Spectator. You can do this anything that resonates with you.

Jot notes on each of the sentences. Read through again and jot short notes on the core thought of each sentence.

Let the notes sit for a few days. Let yourself forget about the structure of the original piece.

Reconstruct using only your notes. Use only the core ideas to try and recreate the writing with your own style.

Compare your “article” with the original to identify faults. Does it flow as well? Is it as beautiful as the original? What are the aspects that stand out? Write these down as focus points for later.

Repeat. Use the process over and over with different pieces of writing. Your flaws will become clearer (and improve) with each iteration.

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