Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Portrait of an Artist as God

Sometimes I think Van Gogh is a perfect role model though not many will agree with me. For me he was a hero. He did not deter from his own conviction that he was born to paint. Even when no one bought a single work, even when they threw him into an asylum and even when schizophrenia rocked his foundations. When angry at the world he cut off his own ear and when there was no one to paint, he painted himself.

He was a true artist. His works, considered worthless in his lifetime are worth gazailians today.

Art is not about how much money you make or fame you get in your lifetime. Art is an insatiable desire to outdo the conventional, to better nature and to be the owner and designer of a world that no one else may understand. In other words, an artist is a true blasphemist since he thinks he can better God's creation.

Art is not just painting a picture or making a sketch, writing poems, stories, creating a world on celluloid, dancing, singing, theater, lover of nature, photographer and even an animal trainer can be termed an artist if they are creating a different world, a microcosm that defies the norm.

Even those who cannot express their art by any known form are artists.

Have you seen housewives who want to keep changing the floorplans of their homes or children who try finding a new way everyday to get home from school. Boys who wants to dress differently or want to play musical instruments even at the cost of being laughed at by peers or girls who want to be known as badass and wear tattoos and leather jackets. They are artists at heart. Though they may not be as curious as a purist.

Anyone who wants to change the present order of things could be an artist. An artist could also be an anarchist, though it goes against the way an artists mind works. Rebellion occurs when the artist is pushed to a corner. Beware the artist scorned.

We may laugh at their discomfort in large crowds or their immensely shy nature or curse their wild ways and openly displayed disdain for all ideas conventional but, these are the artists. They are burning to change. They are dying to move the axis on which the Earth move. They are the real movers and shakers. Let them experiment because they will change the world.

Do not stop them because you do not understand their point-of-view or come in their way because you do not see the world as they see it.

Just let them be and soak up when the creativity flows.

Open your eyes let the energy flow. Maybe, you'll find an artist hidden in some corner of your own heart.

Van Gogh, The Ox Cart, July 1884. Oil on canvas


  1. You are one of my favorite bloggers, Shoma. You never disappoint with your posts.

    And I so agree, art is not just about making money or getting recognition. It is so much more than that. When you are truly satisfied and happy with what you have created, an artist is born.


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