Thursday, 25 September 2014

Don't Scatter my Ashes in the River

Don't Scatter my Ashes in the River
I was born of dust and dreams, and to dust and dreams I'll go.
Scatter my ashes among the roses,
Let them feed the grass.
Let the wind pull it to a nest where it will line the twigs and warm the new born.
Don't scatter my ashes in the river.
Let it fly across.
Let it be free as my soul,
Let them cross each other's path on their way to a new town,
A new world, planet.
Whizz pass each other at the Milky Way.
I don't know if they will recognize each other in death.
In life they were lost to each other.
Maybe they will for the first time then, know that they were one on such a chance meeting.
Don't scatter my ashes in the river.
Let it be a part of the universe.
Let it be free.
Free to find the light it had recognized in life.
Let it remember what it knew and what it wanted.
Let it savour the freedom of death.
Unadorned, unstoppable, unblessed.
Let it find and recognize the soul in that cold roof of the earth.
Let it dance with the soul as its partner in the depths of dark jungles.
Let it find the rays of light in a stark desert that changes every moment.
From dune to dune let it roll till it moves into the light.
Find the soul.
And move together.
Into forever.
Till then, let it dance with the blue God on white hills.
Sing with the white goddess on blue waters.
Let it run naked with the mother,
Dripping red blood from tongue and wild hair.
Let it find all that was lost between life and death.
Let it find the light.
Let it be free.
Don't scatter my ashes in the river.


  1. I wish you would blog more often, Shoma! I love all that you write, be it fiction or poetry like these. So much of depth in it.

    1. Thanks Athira. You know best how to keep a writer going. :)


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