Saturday, 5 July 2014

Of Love, Sarees and Rains

There are days when I want to hide and keep quiet. These days are often refreshing. I love the fact that I just read, write, listen to music, start my day with a movie or just be happy on my own...

There are days when the sky is overcast and it speaks to me. The best part is that I do not need to answer back. I just need to listen. Sometimes I just need to close my eyes and feel. The sky is all around me at those times. The space around me is huge. It is blue.

When I think of myself in these moments I see myself in sarees in contrasting hues. Dark red, Magenta, sea Green... I do not have these sarees nor do I wear sarees too often. But, there is an allure in them that's timeless. I seriously believe that sarees make me look better. More woman than any other attire in my wardrobe.

Why am I speaking of sarees when I hardly wear them?

Because, I want to wear them more and more. But, why? Especially, when I know I won't. Not in a hurry at least.

A summer sky is like my mamma's saree hanging from the clothesline. It's blue, breezy and light with hints of fluffy white clouds that tease with false promises of rains that never come.

I love rains.

It was in Bombay that I fell in love with rains.

It fell from the sky in torrents. Like someone was throwing buckets of water down from the sky. I loved getting wet in the rains. It used to be such a liberating experience. The only time a human can feel the sky on skin. I loved the taste of rains. It's feel, soft, fragrant and comforting, like a mother's hug and a sister's arm.

It felt like my mother sending her love through the skies and promises that she'll be there always wherever I go.

...And, it reminded me why I love both, sarees and the rains because they remind me of my mother and of the love that is there in the universe. Both for me are the purest forms of love.

Sappy? I know. But, a truth often is, sappy and blurry. Lines that are etched in memories that wrap around each other and intermingle in our minds.

And I wonder, what will happen when the memories die?


  1. Awesome piece. Why can't gurgaon have such rains to cherish and stir our rain memories?

    1. Gurgaon my dear friend is... well... Gurgaon! (ahem!) ;)

  2. Gosh! What beautiful writing, Shoma :) I love sarees and rains too. But like you, sarees are something which I wear rarely. This post of yours have me craving for some rain... Loved it :)

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    2. Thanks A. Rains, love, blue sky, freedom and a dusky Indian woman in a soft, handspun saree. Magic and pure 100% love. :)


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