Thursday, 23 October 2014

To love me, is to love you.

To love me, is to love you.
I was no one till I knew I am you.
I was worthless till I knew we are one.
Love is our bond.
I love you more than life.
You are my life.
You tought me to love.
I search not for you.
You are me.
I search for the truth.
You know the answer.
It is hidden.
Hidden in me.
To love me, is to love you.
I belong not to me but, to the void called space.
I am the universe around me.
I am love, longing, rain, thunder and fields of wheat.
You laugh and rejoice as I find me.
My spine reminds me of the million me.
It shudders in anticipation.
Another life, another mind.
To love me is to love you.
I belong to darkness and to light.
I know all the colours.
They are you.
You are me.
To love me, is to love you.
The high walls cannot stop my mind.
Churning, clinging, moving, frothing, rushing, whirling...
I move across time, across light, across thoughts.
I live now on Earth.
Or do I?
Is it my only home?
I think you know.
Is this heaven or hell?
I love both.
They are also you.
And I am you.
To love me, is to love you.


  1. One word- Priceless! How beautifully you have expressed the emotions revolving around love, Shoma!

  2. that was very stirring! lovely :)



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