Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Drill, Fill and Stitch

I drilled it down into my head, 'this is not for me'.
I filled my ears with, 'this it is wrong'.
I thought the stitches were strong.
But, they snapped when attacked.
Under a sudden onslaught of a thousand missiles.
When a shuddering quake cracked the Earth beneath my feet.
The hasty stitches I had put were too week;
They broke when pulled, they tore when pushed.
The wound spread slowly but, surely.
In the corner, my innocent heart lay bleeding in remembrance.

Frieda, the Dream
Another one. My maiden Hindi attempt!

Bhagne se kya jannat naseeb hogi?
Churail bhi khwab mein aakar daraya karti hai!  

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