Saturday, 1 June 2013

Of Balmy Breeze, a Dog, a Man in the Shadows and a Wonderful Dream!

A sweet breeze rustles the leaves of the trees that are almost yellow with dehydration. The Summer has been relentless this year and yet, it changed today. Turned around a good 70 degrees on its axis and made the night ripe with sweet and soothing promises. It turned itself into a perfect night to dream in.

As the clock stuck 12 and the stars became prominent in the orange-tinged, inky sky, I stood with a bottle of cool water at my balcony and listened to the sounds of the night. The pie dog that howled all through the winter was crying again today. Perhaps it never stopped crying but, I stopped hearing because I had shut the windows tight and now live in the constant companionship of the hum of an air conditioner.

Nights tell so many stories. I spied a man in the shadows of the park beyond the boundary. He was perhaps soaking in the coolness before returning home to a shanty where fresh air never breathes. Or maybe the dog and the man were both waiting. For a miracle to happen just like I was. It is never enough that we are a part of a miracle already. The miracle called life!

The orange Moon, in the shape of a half-torn Naan made me feel hungry. I smiled at it and walked into the house and to the fridge to unwrap a chocolate and bite into it. The comforting taste made me feel hopeful, happy and expectant. I wanted to share a bite of the bittersweet treat with someone and share a smile. So, I returned to the breezy balcony and smiled at the stars thanking them for attending my party.

Perhaps, I, the dog and the man in the shadows were all waiting for our soul mates. Perhaps, somewhere else, in another balcony in another town or city someone else was also sharing a chocolate with the Moon. Perhaps, we had already crossed each other's path but, did not recognize the feeling and settled for compromises. Perhaps, I was not strong enough to soak in the turbulence nor calm enough to weather the storm.

Whatever it is, tonight made it seem possible and not some celluloid dream. It made me smile that though older, I was still from being wiser. It made me laugh up at the sky and the stars tinkled back, the dog stopped howling and the man, fidgeted in the shadows, worried that I may call the cops but, still reluctant to leave. Maybe he needed fresh air with the desperation of a man eating his last meal. Maybe he needed reassurance that all was well with the world.

For me, it was all a part of a miracle. That I still had a heart that still dreamed was a comforting thought to usher in yet another year and bid adieu to one lived in exploring life a little differently.

Life really is a series of miracles and hope is what makes them come true.

Here's to new experiences and to the next step of the quest that is life!

Happy birthday to me!

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