Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hold me in your Arms

Hold me in your arms for I'm tired;
Smother me in that special smell of spices that is you;
Let me drown in your presence;
And, when I melt into you, let me be you and you me;
Till we are one and there is no pain, no desire.

Hold me in your arms when we meet where the sky meets earth;
Let me ride with you when we go there;
I will hold on to you as the fields whiz by;
I will smell your hair and let it fly with mine;
I will feel you on me as the wind whips around us.

Hold me in your arms as we near the point of no return;
I have waited too long for this melding of me into you;
I have worshiped you from far but, never touched your core;
And when the sky turns dark and the birds come home;
Just take my hand and lead me to heaven's door.


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