Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Runner

If I knew how to wait,
I would have but, I'm impatient;
I need to run. Have to catch up,
But, running is not my thing.
The limbs, they refuse and my lungs...
I gasp and fall.

I catch a glimpse.
It's enough.
I push myself up;
I run, once more
and fall,

It's there once more.
A mirage?
I'm unsure.
So, I run once more

My limbs fly,
Flailing arms, legs thumping ground,
I float, up and,
come down with a thud.
Looking up, I spy - once more,

I have to run...
It hurts.
I feel the pain,
A million hands rush to hold me down,
I jump and twist,
I have to run, I need to rush.

I see you
But, only when I run.
I hate to run,
But, I have to run,
Because, I am not patient,
Because, I'm a fool in love.

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