Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Break-up (A very short story)

"I hate you"


"Did you hear that? I said, 'I-HATE-YOU.' Are you deaf?"

The boy continues chomping on the egg sandwich, ignoring the verbal attack. A plastic spoon lands squarely in the middle of his forehead and he looks up to check out the attacker. A bright red, angry face of a very pretty girl looks back at him spewing pure venom, calling him all sorts of names. Slowly he puts the sandwich back on a plate.

"What do you want?"  

"The truth."


"You know very well."

"Do I? Maybe you can help jog my memory a little."


The girl picks up a jug of ice cold water from the table and pours it over him.

"This should help wake you up."

All noise and chatter in the cafe give way to a collective gasp as the guy gets up from his chair shaking his head. Droplets of water fall around him showering people sitting at nearby tables. Palms rolled into fists, he takes a few steps and reaches the girl's chair across their shared table. Everyone around hold their breath. He looks at her with dead eyes for a few seconds and then continues moving away.

"Sorry, it did not. And now, I have decided to sleepwalk my way out of your life."

He walks away from the open-mouthed girl gaping at his back and out of the cafe with unhurried steps. A thundering applause follows him out which is soon replaced by clatter of cutlery as everyone returns to food.


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