Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Chocolate Romance

It happened when he looked up from the neatly lined boxes of chocolates at the mall shelf and saw her eyeing a display across the counter. Their eyes met for a second across the pretty and expensive boxes of imported chocolates and he thought, "her eyes are the color of molten chocolate in a cup..."

His black eyes, staring at her boldly, reminded her of rich, dark chocolate. So bitter and yet, so scrumptious once you get used to them.

Realizing they were staring, she looked down, hiding her chocolate brown eyes under a fan of lashes that skimmed her mocha skin. He sighed, his mind simulating mugs of thick brown coffee sprinkled with cinnamon and the taste of chocolate mousse melting in his mouth.

Hearing him sigh, she looked up. His eyes were closed, a smile hovered around his cherry lips. His skin was the color of café au lait. He looked ecstatic. She groaned in her mind, fantasizing about strawberries and cherries dipped in chocolates.

Her groan made him look up and she blushed.

She had groaned out aloud! Hastily picking up a box of chocolate truffle candies from the shelf she almost ran to the counter - far away from this man who tortured her with chocolate thoughts and made her head buzz like exotic liquor-filled chocolate fantasies.

His smiled ruefully, shaking his head and picked up a bag of chocolate kisses, thinking; Chocolate will never  taste the same ever in his mind and followed her to the till. He needed to find out more, needed to taste...

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