Sunday, 27 January 2013

You and Me

You could be me and I you;
We can each be the other;
I want you to be me;
So, I can finally be me.

But I worry,
What would you want,
If you became me and I someone else?
If it's just my life then, take it. Live it.

Just don't come back one day and say,
"I want to be me."
I would not be able to be you who was me;
Not after I have finally been me.

Will you do it?
You often say, you'd rather be me.
I want to take wings and follow my dream,
Will you grab your dream and cut me loose?

Then, I can be me and you will be me;
You will live your dream and I mine.
And on a cold pouring day, if we cross each other's path on a well-lit street,
Please pretend not to know me. Let's try.

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