Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Gossip from a Tea House in Delhi

Giggles, chatter, pink accessories, dainty sandals and one constantly winking diamond stud on a pretty upturned nose; 
A sudden burst of laughter, over a forlorn lover's tales of woe shared in public on a much-disdained FB wall;
A flash of thighs in tiny sequined shorts tangled under a table with a pair of long denim-clad legs ending in bright red Converse shoes;
Eyes melting into each other over frosted glasses of frappe and latte conveying unseeing irritation at those staring;
The green tea, warm in a transparent glass samovar with a tea light fluttering under it, looked delighted as I clicked its picture;
Turning from it, I smiled at the cute waiter asking for another glass of water;
My friend sunk in the sofa seat, stared at the rare deserted streets, sighing in content over the chocolate and ice cream on her plate;
Settled in the cushy seats we make a list of things that can be stolen from the moment – looks, spoons, time, sugar satchels, kisses, napkins, maybe even some boyfriends?
As we titter in delight, a couple meet for the first time, awkward, because, if things go well, there will be wedding bells – soon!

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