Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Fifteen Great Ideas to do up Your Small Balcony

I love to be out in the open. I know that Delhi is polluted and dry with unfriendly seasons. But, that does not deter me. I still love to wander around and also sit outside. I don't mind spending a little bit of time everyday in natural surroundings.

After all, you can cover it a little and hide it from direct heat and dust or even prying eyes if it's out in the open.
I hate air conditioners and feel that they are a necessary evil thanks to Delhi Summers that are relentless. I wish it would not be so aggressive neither winters such killers or eating dinner out with family would have had a different meaning altogether.

But, I love siting out early in the morning or in the evenings. Having a cup of chai outside while waiting for the cows come home could be one of my top 10 pass times.

There is this whole dream of mine that includes a happy place in the open where I can sit in the Sun during winters and watch the rains in Monsoons. I want to spend hours there reading, chatting, talking to friends and family...

I keep thinking of it as my secret place. Maybe, even a secret garden.

I think plants. Lots of plants, hidden or dimmed lights and restful spaces. I think of blossoming flowers and chubby succulents.


I think of colors. I love bold colors. Maybe a swing and some paintings on the wall.
Maybe a desk where I can sit and work. Wouldn't it be kickass?
Or entertain close friends!

Last week I thought of start work on designing one and here are some great ideas I came across. I thought of sharing them with all of you out here in case you want to do up yours too.

Happy designing your patios and varandah / balcony!

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