Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Thoughts of a Lonely Woman Commuter from Delhi

Scene One: Party Joke




"Hey you don't know how to drive!"

"Excuse me? What?"

"You are a woman! You can't drive."

Scene Two: At an Auto Stand

"East Delhi?"


"West Delhi?"




"How about South?"

"Sorry. I am booked..."

"By whom?"

"I have to go home. I will take a passenger near home."

"Where's home?"

"North Delhi. Yamuna Vihar."

"Arrey. But, you said, you didn't want to go to North Delhi..."

"That is because, you always insist on going by meter."

"But, that's the rule."

"See you always argue."

"Who? Me?"


"You know me?"

"We all know you. Your kind. Women always fight..."

Scene Three: Metro Station, Rajeev Chowk

"Madam. Go to the Ladies compartment."

"There is no space there."

"There is no space for you here also."

"This is general compartment."

"Go to the ladies. You are taking up our space..."

Headlines most mornings!

"Raped...; Raped and Murdered; Looted and Raped..."

Then, the honorable CM of Delhi decides to stop pollution.

Odd number cars and even number cars not to ply on the same day.

Delhi woman: "I'm so F*****!"

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