Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Today I changed from green to blue;
The transition was simple, 
And well approved.

When I had exchanged red for brown,
Then came the monochromes.
There were also my time with neon.
Finally I settled for green,
But, I love it best when it is red.
There was a flutter.
It was whispered that I had lost the plot, aged before time.

I even went with grey for a while,
It was sensible and docile.
But, red I missed you.

It was all black or all white.
And it was too civil.

I did fuchsia, tangerine and aqua.
Their brightness made up for all the moments lost.

I thought it was serene.
But, it seems I was the only one who agreed.

Now, I'm on to blue.
It has its own virtue and has the stamp of approval.

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