Monday, 21 January 2013

Faith, Study, Practice - How to Win Simplified!

Some days back, I was reading how Faith becomes firm through Study and shows results through Practice. It set my mind off. I kept the journal aside and started wondering about Faith.

Faith has a free run in India, where people hardly ever question God. Miracles take place every few minutes, even second perhaps, in this heavily populated country where there is no dearth of Gods, Prophets and Saints nor their believers. There are so many stories of breakthrough of Faith that reach us everyday that we start taking Faith for granted.

It took me a bit to unattach myself from the usual understanding of Faith and to get how it also plays an important part in our professional lives.

I cannot remember ever worrying about a weak axle when boarding a bus. Despite the rash and negligent driving that we expect from the drivers of public transport, no one ever thinks that the wheels will come off or the engine will fall off when we board a bus. We assume that the driver and his helper would have checked that before putting the bus out on road. If any of the un-to-word happens it is an accident.

What is Faith and how does it make miracles happen?

Here, I'll keep off religion because I do not believe in Shamans and Faith Healers and their miracles and have NO idea how they make it happen. I'll simply evaluate the three actions, Faith, Study and Practice on how together they make miracles happen in our professional lives.

When I took up my first job as a journalist many winters back, I had no idea that of what was expected of me. I had given an English language test and passed it and the newspaper had engaged me at a below-the-poverty-line salary on good Faith that I'd wing it from there.

I did prove them right and was able to break into a career path without having done a relevant course nor coaching. In the beginning, like any other person, I too was scared and unsure of what was expected of me.

My first day at work was nothing short of a miracle since that was the first time I had used a computer!

But, I managed because, I had Faith in myself. It had been deepened further by the fact that several other people like the seniors who had chosen my profile over many others and my college professors, friends and family had unshaken Faith in my ability. It led me to become confident. Because I was buoyed by the fact that so many people had faith in me that I put my best foot forward.

I read up as much as possible, shadowed my seniors at work, asked relevant/irrelevant questions and to their credit, they mostly answered (Study) and was so excited by the whole new career that I put my 100 per cent into it, took on more work when my quota was over and worked on special stories on weekly offs (Practice) and honed my skills fast. As I Studied and Practiced, my Faith in myself and that of others in me increased and I thrived in a profession I had no idea of just a few months back.

I used my own example as a green horn and that of a rash, public transport driver here because except for a child who thinks that his/her mother is God none of us are born to our jobs with an instinct. For the world at large, Faith/trust is put on us and people like us because we have or are expected to have honed our skills through Practice and Study.

Never a believer in blind Faith, I have always endorsed the questioning attitude. In fact, I believe sincerely that those who question are the ones who often win the quest.

The path to success lies in these three principles. Have Faith, you CAN do it. Study hard and question everything with a view to learning more because, it will increase your Faith in yourself and finally, Practice as much as you can because, only Practice can make you perfect. And as you become perfect, the Faith of everyone around you will add to your Faith and THAT will make you invincible.

Often we see, those who have achieved fame or our seniors say, "I can do it with my eyes closed". Most of them would be too. The reason is NOT because they are miracle workers but, because, they have immense Faith in their capability which has been honed by years of hard work or Practice and constant adding on to their skills by staying abreast of new breakthroughs in their chosen field by keeping their ears to the ground and learning on the go, or simply put, through Study.

There is of course another part of the debate that I steered clear off in the beginning, how blind Faith,  supposedly supported by neither Study nor Practice works and I have not much to offer except for this one example:

When a child is born, s/he automatically accepts the milk that the mother offers without doubting its credibility or expecting miracles from it but, the miracle happens when the child grows up into a strapping young thing full of energy and ability to conquer the world!

Since there are no more examples that I can think of on that one, I'll leave you to worry on that - if you want to.

And for those who still have doubt on the Faith, Study, Practice strategy to win, please go watch, Pixar's immensely intelligent and inspiring story of a country mouse who wanted to become a famous Parisian Chef, Ratatouille. My hunch is that you'll get your answers.

Just remember, there seldom are any shortcuts to success - even for those to the Manor born!

...And if you still didn't get it, then please go watch Ratatouille. 

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