Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Mulled and Muddled Posting

Whenever I order pizza online (which is about once in a year) I feel excited. Though not a pizza lover at all I love to place an order online and love to see it delivered. It is super exciting. I hate ordering food on phone (except for Chinese in Bombay). I order pizza under only two situations. One, if I'm with a friend/s who want to eat pizza or if I want to enjoy the entire four step ritual of tracing a pizza order online.

Today was a trace pizza order online day. It was supposed to be a kind of reward for my patience. Have been down with cold and cold for the last few days and been tending to an irritated throat while the temperature around me fell through the roof reaching south with such speed that even sound had trouble keeping up.

I just wanted to write after three days of trying to sleep the cold off and passing time watching fantasy adventure movies and reading chick flicks. All supposed to keep the cockles of your heart warm.

Ordering the pizza signaled to my mind an end of the torture of having a sore throat and sipping hot tea and tepid water for close to 72 hours and counting. In between dozing, reading and watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. I decided, enough is enough and to check if I could at all write anything sensible.

Obviously I tried a little too early and have now decided to retract. With my senses mulled and muddled by the various home-made concoctions I have tried to keep the sniffles at bay, it is NOT fully functional yet. So, let me get back to more action-adventure and romance. While the world wheezes, freezes and sings hallelujah.

Can a reluctant king and a crazy witch fall in love? Do they remain happily ever after? Let me grapple with these earth-shattering theories while I stew. 

See you another day people! 

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