Friday, 7 December 2012

Looking forward to a Grand Finale

As the year draws towards a grand finale I realized that it has been almost an year that I have been working on my own from home. There were enough skeptics to the idea and I was and still am the greatest of them all. But, it helped me achieve two very important goals in life.

The first and one that was always the greatest dream for me, to tell stories - I wrote - almost like a woman possessed.  Today, I am on the verge of finishing my very first novel amid lots of doubts, speculations and yes many, many, many writer's blocks. I also wrote several short stories and got back in touch with the poet in me. I may not have entered anything for competition nor did I sign the contract that was offered by a publishing house for the book (since I was stuck with a block and also full of foolish doubts) but, I know it has been a great achievement (with a lot of egging by family and friends who have tried everything from being nice and encouraging to being downright rude when I stopped work on the novel) but, what a feat it has been!

The second achievement that this year bestowed upon me was something I never thought myself capable of because I have a mind that wanders all over the place refusing to sit still. So, when today I realize that I CAN sit still in one place and meditate for more than one hour everyday. I feel like I'm the champion of this world.

So, as the year draws to a close I think I am better off in comparison to what I was this time last year, because, I am much more relaxed, I smile lots and have time for all those who need me. I also listen to a lot of good music, read books by known as well as unknown writers, watch movies that I would never have had time to watch earlier, appreciate good art, go for walks and have great discussions with my ma and loads of fun with my dad like I would when we were both young - me a kid and he a youth.

Technically, I may not be rich in terms of a bank balance but, I realized that what I got back is something that I never thought I'd get back ever - my innocence in appreciating whatever is around me, the morning Sun, the dew drops on leaves, the smile of children and strangers and most of all a strong faith that tells me that everything will be all right!
I hope and wish fervently that everyone else gets it too. In my series of realizations, here's something that I realized yesterday. Take some time out and think about it without allowing cynicism pollute your thoughts after all, this is a theory backed by science.

"E = mc2 says mass cannot be either created or destroyed only changed into energy. In that case, I am a part of the same mass that started off the universe and so are you. Which means you and I are interchangeable with the billions of others (known and unknown, living or non-living) who are a part of the universe. Which means all of us contain the same atoms that was once a part of the Gods and messiahs who roamed Earth. Which means I have the same power that built the universe. Then, why does this knowledge make me feel humble not proud?"

Love and light,

An old sadhu does Surya Namaskar at the Pushkar Lake unpreturbed by the fact that I was clicking his picture. Mark of a Yogi?


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