Monday, 28 April 2014

Bollywood in a Jiffy!

"Love you? Never! I HATE you. Do you hear me?" She blurted out.
He looked at her keenly. There were beads of perspiration on her quivering upper lip. They looked like pearls perched precariously on honeyed velvet. 
She was scared. Terrified and close to tears.
"You may hate me but, you are not indifferent..." he whispered near her ears that were perfect like shells on a virgin beach.
She gasped and her right hand moved towards his face with the speed of sound but, he ducked with lightening speed and held her raised arms in his clutch.
"Slapping is also touching you know!" He grunted at her terrified face and then, let her arm go. It fell silently at her side and she stood trembling in front of him.
"Till the time you think about me - even with hate. I have hope. Keep thinking about me and see how hatred changes to L-O-V-E!" he spoke slowly, enunciating each word with care and the four letters with a slur that bordered on a hiss and walked slowly back.
She stood on the exact spot without moving and then... It started raining.
She knew her world had changed with this one encounter and that she was always wrong about him...

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