Thursday, 20 June 2013

Upon Waking Up

I woke up that day and realized it was over;
No pains, no aches and no fever ailed me.
I looked around and spotted a slash of Sun;
It tempted me through the corner of a curtained window.
I threw the slats open. Light bathed me inside and out,
I smelled freedom and wetness of the evaporating dew drops.
Toes wriggled on their own accord.
Ears picked up the low rumble of the morning chatter.
I heard small feet running to catch the school bus and smiled.
I hadn't smiled in days, no, months and here I was, beaming.
My face split into two, my cheeks felt happy as did my heart.
This is when my hands raised themselves and my feet moved.
I whirled like a mad dervish at a mausoleum and danced.
Was it a lifetime ago that I had danced to music that only I could hear?

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